The practice & team

Our purpose is our patients.

Here at Malpas Dental Care our philosophy is to care for you in the way we would wish to be cared for. We are proud to be a centre of clinical excellence, providing the best dental care to suit you, not only as a patient, but also a person.

The practice & team

Meet the team

At Malpas Dental Care we believe exceptional dentistry requires more than clinical excellence and modern, highly equipped practices. We believe it also requires great customer service. Our highly skilled, friendly team shares the same single vision: we put you first. All our clinicians are experienced at helping even the most anxious of patients.

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The practice & team

Visions & values 

Our vision is simple: we put you at the heart of everything we do. When it comes to your health and your smile, it’s always personal. We understand the need to feel at ease, to communicate and to understand.

The practice & team

Statement of care 

At Malpas Dental Care, we put you first. From the warmest of welcomes to the most sophisticated equipment, we make sure you always enjoy the highest standard of care and comfort with us.

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The practice & team

Dental phobia 

If you feel anxious about having dental treatment, rest assured you’re not alone. At Malpas Dental Care we believe you deserve the best dental care possible. Our staff are trained to alleviate any fears, and make sure you feel calm and in control during every single visit. 

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